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There are many good reasons why adding a loft bed would be advantageous to the kid’s bedroom or a dorm room. A loft bed is a bunk bed without the bottom bunk and with open space underneath. The area under bed is open for a number of design possibilities, depending on the bedroom needs. With all toys, arts and crafts in kid’s room, it’s always good to find a piece of furniture that takes advantage of the space allowed in an efficient manner. The loft bed gives you more space underneath where you can put a desk to study, put a sofa to create a reading corner, or use it as storage space. Loft beds are the perfect space creator, which makes it especially popular in small rooms.

Computer Desk. One of the most popular loft bed designs is one that incorporates a computer desk. The space beneath a “top” bunk is perfect for housing the computers that are so much a part of life for today’s teens. Loft bed with desk is great for kids who are sharing the space in a dorm or with a sibling. This way the additional space can be used for storing personal things.

 Storage. The most common loft bed designs incorporate a chest, bookshelves or dresser beneath the upper bunk to maximize storage capacity. Loft bed can help you clear out clutter, as it gives you more room to put everything else.

Sitting Space. Placing a nice chair underneath the upper bank bed will give your child a comfortable place to relax and read a book. Some loft beds are designed to fit even a TV along with the chair to create an ultimate playroom.

When shopping for loft bed, the first thing you need to consider is the child’s age. This will help you decide what kind of design of loft beds for kids you should be looking for. If your child is in pre-teens, then you can consider loft bed idea which has a suitable theme, and comes with a play area. There are castle, pirate ship and fire station themes, princess houses and much more. If you want to make loft bed to last a long time, then go for wooden loft beds for kids. However, if you want a more economic and light looking design of loft bed, then consider going for metal framed beds.


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Every kid needs a private space that reflects personal interests, favorite colors and hobbies. With some bright paint, a few accessories and dream-come-true furniture, you can transform your kid’s bedroom into a Dreamland. Today, I’m introducing you to Nickelodeon™ Rooms by Lea Furniture. The fun and easy way to make your child happy!

Lea is a leading producer of youth bedroom furniture at moderate prices. Lea is a La-Z-Boy Incorporated company with 50 years of experience specializing in youth furnishings and innovative product ideas.

About Nickelodeon Rooms
Nickelodeon Rooms combine what kids love about Nickelodeon with the quality of Lea Furniture. There are total of three collections: Nick Line (ages 3-7) features Hide & Sleep Beds, Stow-Away Storage & Grow With Me Accents; TweenNick Line (ages 8-12) has awesome signature pieces with functionality twists what give Tweens more opportunity to express themselves; TeenNick is dorm and apartment ready furniture with five lifestyle bed combinations: the Flat, the High-Rise, the Studio Loft, the Daybed and the Suite.

Each Nickelodeon Rooms collection has a wide selection of pieces and options to choose from, so each room can be as individual as your child. Kids can create unique and personalized places to play with friends or play the latest video games, hang out or read the books. Nickelodeon Rooms is kid-friendly furniture that’s serious about quality, with built-to-last features including solid cases and superior drawer construction.

Nick Furniture
If your child loves SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer or Go, Diego, Go!, they are sure to love the new Nick collection. With unique, reversible panels, each item in the Nick collection is like getting 5 pieces in one. Kids can change from all-white furniture to their favorite Nickelodeon character whenever and as often as they want.

TweenNick Furniture
No longer a little kid but not quite a teenager, tweens live in a constant state of transition. The TweenNick collection from Nickelodeon Rooms bridges the gap with grown-up, tween-friendly furniture. Beds are the focal point of the TweenNick collection, and the modular components and unique functional features will allow your tween to personalize their room.

TeenNick Furniture
Teens don’t consider themselves kids anymore, which is why TeenNick collection offers more sophisticated and contemporary gathering places. Rich, dark woods combine with white drawer fronts and accents of orange to create furniture that can easily go from their bedroom to their dorm or apartment. Electronics are a big part of a teen’s world, so it’s a big part of TeenNick Furniture.

You will definitely find that the Nickelodeon Rooms furniture supports creativity, independent play and customization, which are all part of kids’ development.
Lea Industries
4310 Regency Drive, Suite 101
High Point, NC 27265
email: leaindustries@leaindustries.com

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