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Looking for pieces that really look out of the ordinary? 2 Day Designs offers furniture and accessories pieces that will be envied by every guest in your house.

Environmentally conscious, 2 Day Designs Company is using recently retired wine barrels to produce unique and eco-friendly accent pieces. From wine racks to occasional tables, they have developed many items to decorate your home. Many of their products bear the branding and vineyard handling markings as they were used in wine production. Color variation, distressing and wood character are key elements in this hand made furniture and accessories line. Each piece from 2 Day Designs is crafted with the highest quality standards from start to finish and is available in seven different finish options.

Make a unique statement in your home with 2-Day Designs.


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ET2 Lighting

Whether you have just shifted to your new home or want to give a makeover to your old house, you need some exclusive ideas to make your interior design stand out. It was Shakespeare that said, “The stars above us, govern our conditions.”

While planning a modern design pay a lot of attention to lightning. Clean lines and neutral background tones of furniture and wall paint can be easily offset with bright colors and abstract designs of lighting fixtures. No one can ignore the enchantment of light especially if it is presented in an artistic and creative stage, enveloped in colors and forms. Where innovation, design, value and contemporary collide comes ET2 Contemporary Lighting. It is no small wonder that ET2 is one of the fastest growing names in contemporary lighting industry. Headquartered in City of Industry, California, ET2 Contemporary lighting offers a wide array of innovative lighting with a modern twist, both form and function driven. All lighting fixtures by ET2 have sophistication and create a strong impact to the interiors where they are used. They are available in various shapes, patterns and styles.

Remember that the right kind of lightning fixture can enhance the impact created by your décor and enhance the beauty of your home.

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Wishing for some magic? AXO Light is one of the most dynamic companies in the rich world of Italian Design. Creating contemporary light sources that transmit a sense of emotion and avant-garde experimentation is AXO Lighting’s mission. Since 1997, this Italian design studio has worked to create fresh forms while maintaining the blown glass tradition and expert artisan craftsmanship of its Venetian origins. Most lightning collections showcase modern fixtures that are made from hand-blown Italian glass in combination with other unique materials like silk, Asian wood, Vicenza stone, bamboo and porcelain. AXO produces high-quality light sources that continue to merit huge international success. Mostly because of a very clear philosophy: Axo creations are never “casual”. 

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 Kenroy Home Page

Type of Business: Lightning (main) Fountains, Mirrors, Decorative ornaments.
Style: Variety of styles including Contemporary, Traditional, Renaissance, Modern and Arts & Crafts Style

Kenroy Home
has been synonymous with refined design, quality and value for over 50 years. It is best known for diverse selection of lighting products including Chandeliers, Ceiling Lighting, Wall Lightning, Lamps and Portable Lighting, Indoor and Outdoor Fountains in a wide range of styling: Classical and Traditional, to Contemporary and Casual. Recently Kenroy introduced two new categories to their product line: mirrors and decorative ornaments that are designed to complement lighting and fountains and simplify the process of creating an elegant room or outdoor space.

For Lightning products Kenroy utilizes a wide variety of materials, and creates artistic elements that complement your home furnishings as well as make their own statements. Particular care is paid to hand applied polishing and painting, matched with the finest in glass and shade treatments.

Fountains add soothing movement and the gentle sounds of falling water to unique artistry created in real and simulated stone, metal and ceramics and designed to blend with various interior and exterior decors. 

Mirror line spans multiple styles, with traditional, lifestyle, and contemporary looks that bring a sense of openness and space to a room. High-quality silvered mirror panes reflect beautifully for years, and are accented with precise beveling. With hand-crafted frames constructed of wood and polyurethane, our mirrors combine rich, durable detail with lightweight, easy-to-hang portability.

Kenroy’s Wallchieres come with three built-in photo frames that hang beneath the light, combining illumination with decoration. Whether you choose to display family photos, art prints, or your own designs, these lights provide an eye-catching backdrop for your favorite images in frames that can be hung both vertically or horizontally from their magnetic back panels.

Decorative ornaments add character and interest to a room, garden, or patio. With designs ranging from urns to obelisks to birdhouses, these versatile pieces can be used almost anywhere. Constructed of magnesium oxide, decorative ornaments have the clean feel of ceramic, but are stronger and more resistant to the elements. Oil-rubbed bronze, Tuscan earth, sandstone, and Roman white finishes are built right into the material, creating a piece that resists fading or chipping even after years outdoors. Many pieces also work well indoors: pedestals are perfect for displaying plants, picture frames, and other treasures, and finials and other accessories grace shelves, mantels and tabletops.

Look to Kenroy Home for the finest in décor, performance and value. Follow their philosophy that’s “ALL TOGETHER BETTER“. 

Contact information:
Kenroy Home
11660 Central Parkway
Jacksonville, FL 32224
(904) 642-4340 Phone
(904) 642-4150 Fax
Address mail or fax inquiries Attn: Customer Service
or e-mail at customerservice@kenroyhome.com

Where to Buy:
Online Retailers and Local Retailers

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When it comes to interior decorating and design, your choice in styles of light fixtures plays a very important role. You can make your room look brighter by adding fixtures in plenty or you can make it more warm and cozy with the help of softer lighting. The light fixture that you choose can complement and enhance your decor, or actually work against it. It can be affixed in the ceiling, on the walls, under the cabinets and even on the floor. When you are designing your room, you should first decide how much light you would like for the room to have. You also need to realize that each room will require a different amount of lighting. Also, when you’re selecting light fixtures to add to a room in your home, you should consider the rest of the furniture or decoration in the room. For instance, if you have antique piece in a room, a light fixture that reflects the same type of style is the best.

Dining Room and Kitchen:

Use bright light in your kitchen, because it can provide optimal conditions for cooking, on the contrary use less light in the dining room to create comfortable, relaxed setting for conversation. Brighten your kitchen with pendant lights over the eating area or an island. A colored pendant light fixture can compliment your room’s decor by shining either bright white, or casting an elegant colored glow. Consider using a Pot Rack, because it doubles as a ceiling lamp and a storage area. Chandelier in your dining room will add instant drama and brilliance. Choose from a wide variety of styles, from traditional crystal and wrought iron to modern, colored glass versions.

Living Room and Foyer:

If you want to add elegance of your living space, a chandelier is the perfect accessory. For example, crystal chandeliers are spectacular, and add an inexplicable air of beauty to your living space. Also, you can brighten a busy living room with overhead recessed can lighting. A floor or table lamp will illuminate dark corners and wall sconces can accent a fireplace and other focal points. Chandeliers, also, are the timeless choice for foyer lighting. If your foyer ceiling isn’t quite high enough for a hanging fixture, consider a semi-flush mount. Semi-flush lights offer a more widespread illumination than flush lights, and are available in highly upscale styles.

Bedroom Lightning:

Bedroom light fixtures include styles such as wall spotlights and lamps, sconces, ceiling fixtures, and floor lamps. By using specific colors you can greatly enhance the overall look of your room and compliment your bedroom decor. When choosing a light fixture for the bedroom, make sure that you have adequate lighting for tasks such as reading, yet you also make sure that you have the capabilities of producing dim light for sleeping or setting a romantic environment.

Bathroom Lights:

Use overhead vanity light combined with side sconces to provide functional lighting for grooming. This combination allows right amount of light into the face and eliminates facial shadows. Wall sconces have very decorative glass covers and they provide a bright and stylish element in the walls.

You can find ideas for replacing or adding light fixtures to every room in your home at your local home improvement or furniture stores, and there are many online resources from which you can order a variety of light fixtures.

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